Office window tinting Artarmon

Window tinting on your office windows and glass doors facing the sun will reduce energy costs and will add privacy and safety features to your building or office.

  • Increases safety through turning your glass into shatter resistant glass
  • Creates a comfortable work environment through heat & glare reduction
  • Protects your office furniture from fading
  • Solartint films block up to 78% heat
  • Blocks 99% UV rays
  • Controlling up to 90% glare

Office buildings commonly have laminated windows and in our modern society most new buildings are built with coloured glass. This type of glass and windows need to be tinted with low absorption films to prevent glass from cracking due to over heating through heat absorption. Solartint’s high quality reflective films are especially designed to have low heat absorption for this purpose. Therefore it’s safe to use these films on buildings fitted with this type of glass. These films have a high heat rejection and will also dramatically reduce glare making the work place environment a more comfortable place to work in.

Solartint’s reflective films come in a high and low reflective range and can also be used for privacy issues without blocking out a lot of light.

Reflective film glare & heat specifications

SRS 330 film – Reflection rate 43% and total heat rejection 73%
SRR 220 film – Reflection rate 55% and total heat rejection 78%

Click for specs: SRS330 | SRS220

Solartint  carry a range of window films to suit all your needs.

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