Below are frequently asked questions for car window tinting

Q. How long will it take to tint my car?
A. The time to window tint a car varies on the size and type of car. A single cab ute can take around 1 hour, a sedan e.g. Commodore or Falcon size car 2 hours and a 4 X 4 can take 2 1/2 hours.

Q. How dark can I have my car windows tinted?
A. The darkest legal limit permitted for window tinting on a passenger vehicles is a 35% visible light transmitting film. A darker film is permitted on the rear section of a van and the rear screen only on a ute.

Q. Why do window films vary in price?
A. The cost of window tinting varies due to quality of the film and also the heat and UV rejection specifications of the films.

Q. I got a cheaper quote from Peter’s car tinting down the road, can you match it?
A. We will always try to come to an agreeable price with customers, Solartint films are a product of MADICO window tinting films. These films are at the higher quality end of the window tinting industry, you can click on the madico link to view the company and it’s full range of films.

Q. When can I wind my windows down?
A. After having your car windows tinted the windows require a 48 hour period of drying time before winding down the windows. Although in cold and wet weather conditions, the drying period may be prolonged by a day or two.

Q. I had my car window tinted yesterday and it has bubbles in the windows, is this normal?
A. Window tinting films are applied with a slippery water solution and there will be a minimal skim of water left between the film and the glass. As the film dries the skim of water remaining between the film and the glass collects together and forms very small pools of water that appear as bubbles which evaporates through the film itself. This is the normal drying procedure of all window tinting films.

Q. There are smudge marks all over the inside of my windows, why is that?
A. When window film is applied whether on a car or home/office when squeegeed there will be soap smudge marks left on the film. This will easily clean off with a damp soft cloth or chamois after the film has completely dried. This is normal procedure with window tinting.

Q. Can you remove old film off my car or home/office?
A. Yes, we can remove existing film off your car, home or office windows.

Q. Why has my car window tint bubbled and why does it appear as a purple colouring?
A. A cheaper dyed quality window film tends to lift off the glass giving it a bubbled look. The purple colouring represents the dye’s discolouring.

Q. Will Solartint films fade or change colour?
A. Solartint only uses Madico fade free films that have a lifetime guarantee on fading bubbling and discolouring.