Staying safe from UV rays and infra red rays is very much important for everyone. We cannot avoid going out and about so you should try every possible method to keep these very harmful rays away from you and your family. A great way of protecting you and your family when travelling is in a tinted car.

  • Heat and glare reduction

  • Blocks 99.9% UV rays

  • Improves comfort & privacy in your car

  • Demister and GPS aerial safe

Aerial & GPS safe window films

Solartint specialises in aerial and demister safe window films that are specially designed for late model cars with radio reception or GPS reception type demisters. These long lasting films have a high performing data and an optically clear appearance. 

 Black Pearl window film

The Black pearl window film is not only an attractive looking window film it has great benifits for your safety and comfort while driving in your car. This high heat rejecting window film will protect you and your passengers from the hasrsh burning Australian sun and will also stop your car interior from sun deterioration. You can enjoy up to 60% heat reduction and  you will also have  99.9% UV and high IR blocked out of your car.

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Life-Time Guarantee

High performance technology is the extrusion of the base polyester tint. The colour of the tint comes from the actual polyester as opposed to being a coating on the face of the tint. Solartint will guarantee these films against fading, bubbling, pealing and delaminating.

Owner operator

Rocky Cavallaro, owner operator of Solartint Mona Vale, Northern Beaches (former owner of Solartint Brookvale) has built an incredible reputation all over the Sydney North Shore and throughout the Sydney Northern Beaches and attracts clientele from all over the Sydney region.

Rocky Cavallaro has window tinted all different types of classic and prestige cars, one of the first window tinters in Brookvale back in the late 1980’s and serviced many Sydney car dealers including City BMW, Cole Crawford BMW, Alto BMW Chatswood, Sydney Ferrari and G Brother Mercedes for their window tinting needs just to name a few.

Mobile service for car window tinting Artarmon & Chatswood

Solartint Artarmon & Chatswood specialises in mobile car window tinting with many years of experience. Take advantage of our free mobile car window tinting in Artarmon & Chatswood for your convenience.

With a busy world we live in our mobile service is a great way for you to save time and running around and you can relaxe in your own environment while having your car window tinted.

Mobile service available for: Artarmon, Chatswood, Linfield, Cammeray, Roseville, North Sydney, Mosman, Forestville, Lane Cove and all surrounding areas.

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