Q.   I’d like to get my car windows tinted, how much will it cost?

A. Solartint have a range of high performance window tinting films, metalized and non metalized. Non metalized window tinting films are more cost effective than high heat rejection metalized window tinting films although non metalized films still block out a considerable amount of heat also.

Q. What brand of window tinting films do you use?

A. Solartint use… MADICO …they are the largest window film manufacturer in the world and lead the way in the window tinting industry. Just click on the Madico link to view all there films for cars, homes and office.

Q. Why are metalized window tinting films more expensive?

A. Metalized window tinting films are a multilayerd film and cost far more to manufacture.

Q. My car has a GPS navigating system, will the metelized window tinting film effect it?

A. Solartint use a specific metalized film manufactured by Madico that is guaranteed to be GPS and demister aerial safe.

Q. What is the guarantee offered by Solartint on their window tinting?

A. Solartint performance films have a nation wide lifetime guarantee against fading, pealing, bubbling, blistering and delaminating.

Q. How long does it take to complete the window tinting job on my car?

A. It takes approximately 1/2 to 2 hours to complete a window tinting job on an average size vehicle.

Q. My car has old bubbled window tinting on it, can you remove it?

A. Yes we remove old window film off cars.

Q. Does it cost extra to have the old film removed if I am having my car re tinted?

A. If your having the old film removed and then having your car re tinted at the same time it will be more cost effective than just having a removal only done.

Q. Is there a drying procedure after the window tinting job is completed?

A. The windows need to stay up for a 48 hour drying period in the cold winter months and 24 hour drying period in the hot summer months.

Q. I had my car window tinted two days ago and I can see bubbles in the windows, is this normal?

A. Window film is applied with a water solution. Water bubbles may still be apparent for a couple of days and sometimes up to 14 days depending on the weather. In a wet cold climate the drying period will be prolonged.

Q. Do I need to clean my windows after the window tinting is done?

A. The windows may have smudges on the surface on the inside which is due to the application and needs to be cleaned after the window film is completely dry.

Q. Whats the best way to clean my tinted windows?

A. An ammonia product is not recommended as window films are porous and these types of cleaning products can eventually seep through the films and damage the adhesive. A silicon based cleaner is recommended or simply a damp chamois will definitely do the job.