What could a better place to live in other than a well furnished home enclosed by glass windows and doors with beautiful scenic views of your out doors whether it’s over looking your beautiful gardens or nice beach and ocean views. Glass windows and doors sure make your home look trendy and welcoming but make sure you have them tinted so your home is not exposed to the direct sunlight. If not tinted your home can literately turn into an oven on steaming hot days and you and your family will continually be exposed to direct harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

  • Superior protection against fading

  • Durable, scratch-resistant coating

  • Heat and UV reduction with very low reflectivity for homes overlooking views

Solartint Sunscape films are very popular among home owners, they are available in a vast range to suit many needs from heat control to privacy in your home. Solartint Sunscape films are high quality metalized films designed with maximum durability to with stand the harshest sun penetrating heat ray’s around the world.

The privacy films have a great optical visibility to be able see out clearly from the inside of your home while given a very good privacy effect from the outside looking in. Below are specifications of our most popular Designer Grey heat control and Starlite privacy films in our SUNSCAPE range.

View for specs: DG35 | DG55 | SL280 | SL380

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Artarmon & Chatswood window tinting services are by far the leading company in quality when it comes to energy saving window films. Furthermore, when protecting your home furnishings, Solartint films with a 99% UV factor along with high heat rejection and infrared reduction, will not only reduce heat and glare it will protect your timber floors, carpets, kitchen bench tops as well as photos and paintings on your wall and all shiny surfaces that are prone to fading.

Window tinting Artarmon, Chatswood, Linfield, Cammeray, Roseville, North Sydney, Mosman, Forestville, Lane Cove and all surrounding areas.

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