Prevent disasters from occurring with safety film

When glass suddenly shatters due to an accident, vandalism or extreme weather conditions flying shards of glass can threaten the safety of anyone in their path. Serious injury and unnecessary damage from falling or flying glass can be avoided with safety window film.

Solartint’s specially structured and strengthened high-efficiency film is coated with a revolutionary mounting adhesive. Solartint’s safety film actually bonds to the glass unit forming a tough protective shield

Secure your premises with security film.

“Smash and grab’ theft is becoming a major problem in today’s society. As an alternative to using un-attractive bars on home or shop windows, Solartint provides a range of security films to strengthen your glass virtually making it impossible for thieves to enter your home or shop premises.

Solartint security films are available in clear and come in a range of dark to light and also a reflective look for heat rejection to suit all different types of requirements.

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